Mr Fixit

Now I can add plumber to my repertoire… installed new sink drains in 2 of the bathrooms; unfortunately,  the toilet issue turned out to be too much for me to DIY, so I do have a call into the plumber. 

I do have to thank Mac at the Bayou View Hardware Store, it is great to support local mom and pop businesses. 

Quite the week … and focus

This has been quite the week. We completed our Unit 2 Exam for Fundamentals, and our 4th Quiz in Dosage Calculation. This experience has taught me some very great introspective lessons.

1) It is okay to throw what you thought you knew out the window … What do I mean? Back in 2013, I attended the US Army LPN Program, and in dosage calculation we focused on the ratio/proportion method or the dose-over-on hand method. Here we are learning this method called dimensional analysis … I will definitively say that throwing out what I know and using this new method has been very beneficial.

2) Be open to listening … as part of our program we are using the ATI NurseLogic 2.0 module. Using their methods for deconstructing test questions and choosing the best answers has been amazingly helpful.

As the program continues I am SO excited, but at the same time extremely fearful. The stress level is monumentally high and I need to work on developing additional coping resources.

Unit 1 Exam

After three weeks of nursing school, today we had our first Unit Exam.┬áIn the past my focus has always been being perfect. I know realize that this is not a realistic outcome and I was in need of reevaluating my expectations. As part of this course, we were asked to complete ATI’s NurseLogic 2.0 which discussed methods to take exams.

Instead of racing through the exam today, I took my time to go line through line and actually think through the questions using the methods the program mentioned.

I feel more accomplished today, then I would have felt, if I just took the exam the same way I used to.


Taking tests

So today I took a test, and came to a realization. It is not that you get questions wrong, what matters is if you realize the correct answer afterwards. I got 2 wrong on the test for medical terminology. While the test was still ongoing, I realized the correct answers.
With this realization, it dawned on me that I did not fail, but I just needed to focus more. On the test this morning, I got 2 wrong and afterwards I realized what they were and what the correct answers were. This will allow me in the future to lessen my test anxiety by realizing what it is that I need to do in the future.

Getting ready!

Tomorrow will be my last day of regular work while I am attending college. I will still work the occasional weekend shift and the like to get some spending money … however … my main priority will be school.

I am trying to find some good methods to make sure I stay on task and keep the end game in focus. I will keep you all abreast of how I do.